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Please be careful of elephants in musth

You will know they are in musth when you see secretions from their temporal glands just above their eyes pouring down either side of their face. This can also be a sign of stress in any elephant – male or female, so additional accompanying signs of musth are a green, slimy liquid running down the penis and back legs of a male elephant. It smells real strong, but hopefully you are not close enough to smell this! When you are at a distant you can often tell a big bull elephant is in musth by the way he walks. He swaggers as if he owns the world and nothing will stop him if he is heading in a certain direction.

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big elephant bull in musth..

Can Ants Influence Elephants

It's a David versus Goliath kind of story, with an ecological twist: In African savannas (regions with both trees and grass), acacia-dwelling ants can repel voracious, tree-eating elephants, according to new research published online September 2 in Current BiologyRead more...

San Bushman Trackers

A compelling video showing trackers from the San Bushmen helping with poaching and trying to sustain their cultural heritage. Watch the video...

How to live Alongside Chachma Baboons

For those wanting to find out information on how to co-exist with wild monkeys or baboons, the following video presentation with music will offer much information. Read more...