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Naro Bushmen of the Kalahari Pics

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Welcome to the June 2010 newsletter which includes forthcoming Peace-of-Eden Self-Discovery WildLife EcoTours & TeamBuilding for 2010 & 2011;recent personal adventures to the Bushmen and Addo Eles; latest Magazine Articles written on Divorce & Single Parenting; Life Insights from Nature & latest news about a DVD: The Horse Boy - a Father's unique journey into the Mongolian Horseback with his Autistic son and more...

There has been a request for a shared dolphin experience for participants dealing with cancer, let me know if you would be keen to participate.

Enjoy & Take Care,

Mandy Young

Meerkat Magic & Wisdom of Eles

24th September 2010 – 3rd October, 2010

This 10 day / 9 night self-discovery adventure begins in Cape Town.  Breakfast is at the wine farm of the Schalk Burger family where we enjoy conversation, Meerkat wine tasting & a wine tour.  Several days are spent in the unique, characterful, earthy town of McGregor on the R62 enjoying the peaceful spiritual ambience of Temenos, an intuitive massage (optional), the energy of cob building (wellies and all) and self-discovery through a ‘wet painting’ session.

We then move towards the elephants in the Eastern Cape via Warmwaterberg Spa, Ronnie sex shop (just a pub), a beautiful quartz crystal labyrinth & the Manger, a baboon rehabilitation sanctuary.  When we arrive in the Eastern Cape we luxuriate at Camp Figtree in the Zuurberg mountain and visit the elephants daily.

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Wild Dogs, Eles & Dolphins
19th-28th November, 2010
25th February - 6th March, 2011
25th November - 4th December, 2011
A tri-focal 10 day / 9 night adventure which expansively includes observing endangered Painted Hunting Dogs and wise Elephants, as well as swimming with playful, endearing dolphins in warm Mozambican waters.
Maasai Warriors & Wildlife of the Serengeti

17th - 22nd September, 2010
A New TeamBuilding Experience for Top Executives

Most of the time we feel lost & confused about enjoying life & work because we are not best adapted to the stresses and strains of city and corporate lifestyles.  We evolved in adaptation to nature, genetically and soulfully, so we need to return there find our true capacity and different, more lasting ways of being a team.

Who best to teach us than those who still operate in this way for their survival:  the Maasai of the Ilngwesi clan in northern Kenya and the Naro Bushmen in the Kalahari.  They teach us not only how to endure, but how to live & laugh; not only to survive, but how to love & lead.
Baboon Walks, Cape Town

1st Saturday of every month from 1st September, 2010

We are so privileged to live together with the antics of a troop of more than 50 baboons.  They remind us that we shared this earth together.  Sure they are opportunists and if they can get at your bananas or nuts they will, but they are not out to get you, just to share life together in the best ways possible.
 More than a century ago, Henry Thoreau, a theologian wrote in his journal:

'The intellect of most men is barren. They neither fertilize or are fertilized. It is the marriage of the soul with nature that makes the intellectual fruitful, that gives birth to imagination…without nature-awakened imagination most persons do not really live in the world. They merely pass through it as they endure dull lives of quiet desperation.

If we let them baboons reawaken our soul to reflect on what life could be!

Naro Bushmen & WildLife of the Okovonga Delta
May/June 2011 – specific dates to be announced
TeamBuilding  Opportunities for Corporate Executives
The Naro Bushmen in this area authentically live their traditional lives – hunting, setting traps, digging for plants, dancing with thanks, trancing for healing, playing and relating as a close-knit community and worshipping their God.  They are the most ancient civilization in our world today and we are not sure how much longer their heritage and lifestyle will survive as their land becomes encroached upon by agricultural, industrial and mining enterprises.

The second part of our TeamBuildlng Self-Discovery Journey is with the diverse & prolific WildLife of the Okavongo Delta.  We stay in luxury tents with all the comforts and amenities of home, but there are no fences and our experience of the wildlife that passes by is unlimited.
Klein Karoo Meerkats & Addo Eles

18th – 26th August, 2011

There is a group of ethically habituated meerkats just outside of Oudtshoorn, in the Meerkat Magic valley where no manual indicated they existed until located by Grant McIlrath, the habituation master behind the series Meerkat Manor.  Grant has spent many patient hours winning the trust of these comical, endearing creatures and because they trust him we can walk with them as if in our own unedited wildlife documentary.

Oudtshoorn has many other attractions – Cango Wildlife Ranch and crocodile cage diving, the unique Cango Caves with a wriggle up the ‘chimney’ for the more adventurous, opportunities to ride an ostrich and a lovely waterfall with cooling crystal pools. 

Our time with the many elephants in Addo Elephant Park is once again from the restful. mountainous venue of Camp Figtree.
Romantic Hikes & Dolphin Swims, Cinque Terre, Italy
17th – 23rd September, 2011
Unique Corporate TeamBuilding experience
Cinque Terre, true to its name, is five fishing villages clinging to coastal hillsides, connected with wandering walkways perched above the visual depths of the tranquil Medierranean Sea.  This experience offers time to frolic with friendly Bottlenose dolphins within the protected waters of a Marine Reserve.  Their endearing interactions offer to guests feelings of self-acceptance and heartwarming delight.

Days not spent with the dolphins are spent hiking between fishing villages, experiencing Italian community, cuisine and passion.
Whale Trail & Baboon/Marine/Star Trails, De Hoop Nature Reserve, Western Cape

Dates to be Announced - July 2011

The Whale Trail reaches 55 km from Potberg to Koppie Alleen, and includes 5 overnight stops. There is an opportunity to explore the unsurpassed natural diversity of the De Hoop Nature Reserve, where endemic fynbos fragrances mingle with the salty sea air of this marine protected area. Hikers mingle & marvel not only at the abundance of indigenous plants and the scarce sightings of the last remaining western cape vultures, but become excited by the main visual feature...

...the whales! De Hoop is world-renowned as one of the best whale-watching spots, especially between June & December, when many of these gentle bathing giants give birth to their young just a mere kilometer from the beach.
Wild Dog Week, Luanga Valley Wilderness, Zambia

Dates to be announced - July 2011

You can spend 8 exciting, activity-filled days observing several packs of monitored, researched African Wild Dog in the Luangwa Valley, Zimbabwe.  This valley marks the end of the Great Rift Valley, covers and is one of the last unspoilt wilderness wildlife sanctuary's in Africa. it is traveresed by the Luangwa River with her oxbow lagoons, woodland plains and valleys which draw a huge host of game - including elephant, buffalo, leopard, lion, giraffe, hippo & over 450 species of birds.

Your daily hosts are members of the African Wild Dog Conservation (AWDC) team which has been operating in Zambia since 1998 to conserve the endangered African Wild Dogs.  They will take you tracking and share many interesting reserach understandings of the animals in this area.

Daily we will digest & translate these unique wildlife experiences during self-reflective discussion groups into tangible take-home teambuilding life insights.

The Naro Bushmen of the Kalahari

April 2010

I recently went on a trip to the Naro Bushmen of the Kalahari near Ghansi, Botswana.  We arrived after flying from Maun in a small light aircraft, to drop our bags in our stoneclad cottages and enjoy a light lunch.  Then it was onto the game vehicles to visit with the bushmen.  I was expecting something commercial and compromised, but as we stopped the vehicle and walked around a tallish tree, trees don't get too high or too big in the kalahari desert, there they were:  A animalskin clad group of small muscular people with ample bottoms. If our experience ended right there it would have been enough.  I felt like I had walked back in time to when people truly lived and survived off the land.  They did.

But our experience did not end there.  They shared games and stories with us, we tracked with them, looked at marks in the sand to hear how the cheetah had taken down the kudu bull; we crawled through the bush, rustling grass, bums in the air, to just a few meters from initially unsuspecting gemsbok & eland; we made fires with sticks, set traps, ate spring hares...the pictures & video clips will tell you more.....
Camp Figtree & Addo Ele Pics

May 2010

Every now & again, quite often actually, my husband treats me to a weekend away that usually incorporates his work, my adventures & lots of lovely companionship & restoration.  Thank you Gus!  This time we went to explore a venue where I had previously facillitated a Wisdom of Elephant experience with 8 German psychologists - Camp Figtree.  You can see for yourself the generous beauty not only of the magnificent monumental hills overlooking deep valleys, but also the spacious gracious living in the chalets that extend outward into the expansive mind-awakening beauty.

The elephants at Addo were plentiful, we saw 95 of them come and go from a waterhole, and as we left, the meerkat up on guard caught our attention!  See for yourself...

If you would like to book at Camp Figtree and get a 10% discount 
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For details of the next Wisdom of Elephants Experience from Camp Figtree Look Here

Some pictures of Camp Figtree and the Addo Eles here 
Eles & Us:  Human IQ an Adaptation or terrible Evolutionary Mistake?
Too Much of a Good Thing:  Elephants & Us, written by Valerie Tareceo
Valerie's article gets us to question whether the survival of the earth is being effected by man or by animal by using elephant culling as a controvery to debate this dialogue.  Is the problem that the human population is expanding exponentially to encroach on elephant space or the animal-human conflict is a result of the elephant population expanding and compomising the survival of other animal and plant species? 

Peter and Beverley Picford in their book, 'Miracle Rivers', about the Okavongo Delta ask a simlar question:

'If we cannot use our reason to hold ourselves in humility and accept with grace our partnership with all the earth (and each other), then we will not be able to perceive that man, like the dinosaur, is expendable.  Ultimately in the vastness of time, man is on trial here, not only as a species, but also as a vehicle to determine whether reason was an advance or a tragic evolutionary mistake?'


Edward Wilson concurs when he suggests:

'The human species has had some 3 million years of
survival-programming in how to interact constructively with nature…love and connectedness with the natural world is rooted in our genes - as much a part of our history as love and bonding and having children.  We know at a deep body-mind level, however dimly, that if we continue to reject this programming and do not establish a respectful interaction with nature, we will lose not only a vital dimension of our humanness, but eventually our planet home as a self-renewing, life-nurturing organism
(Edward O. Wilson, 1992, The Diversity of Life
DVD & Book:  The Horse Boy
The Horse Boy does more than chronicle Rowan and his parents' journey across the vast, wild landscape of Mongolia. It delves into the strange world of autism itself, the relationship between humans and animals and between different cultures and different ways of being (autistic vs. normal, or "neuro-typical"), and the nature of healing. Audiences hear the varied theories on autism from the experts in the field, well-known researchers of autism such as Dr. Simon Baron-Cohen of Cambridge University; Dr. Temple Grandin, recovered autist and professor of animal behavior at Colorado State University; and anthropologist and researcher Roy Richard Grinker of George Washington University.

But above all, The Horse Boy tells the story of a couple that goes to the end of the earth to find a way into their son's life.

Managing Divorce

Article written by me for Natural Medicine magazine April 2010

Divorce is one of those central, critical turning points in one’s life.  It colours just about everything.  Intimate and pervasive relationship connections are being disrupted.  Divorce affects how you see yourself and how you relate to your former spouse and your children.  It can effect friendships, work and where you live.  Don’t under estimate the impact even if you have been heading in this direction for years.  However it is a crisis that can have negative or positive outcomes.  It is a process and takes time and loads of emotional energy.  
Brokeness can be the ashes where beautiful flowers grow...
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The Challenge of Single Parenting

Article written by me for Natural Medicine magazine May 2010

Being a single parent, through death or divorce or because your spouse works away from home for extended periods of time, requires courage, creativity and the right attitude.

First of all, try to appreciate that you are the one who gets to have all this time with your children! I’m the first to admit that it can be hell sometimes, but our relationships with our children can be the one of the most enriching aspects of our lives.

When you are able to take good care of yourself, you will be much better at taking care of those you love and are responsible for.

What are some ways to care for yourself?
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Life Insights from Nature 1: Aborigine Names & Journeys of Self-Discovery

My birth name is Mandy, it means 'loveable and worthy to be loved'. I think my mother hoped that I would grow into it one day, but the name has often sat a little lopsided and sometimes slipped right off!

I value the practise of early aboriginal tribespeople, who did not have a name for life, it keeps changing with each new life transition. When my journey of self-discovery began I called myself .....

'Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex!
Your workmanship is marvellous, how well I know it.
You watched me as I was being formed in utter seclusion,
as I was woven together in the dark of the womb.
You saw me before I was born.
Every day of my life was recorded in Your Book:
every moment was laid out before a single day had past

Psalm 139:14-16
from New Living Paraphrase Bible

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