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Soon...from 24th September - 3rd October an opportunity to relax & be creative in McGregor, spend time walking with the Meerkats amongst the spring flower spread of the Klein Karoo, and luxuriate at Camp Figtee with daily visits to the Eles and other wildlife within Addo National Park...sound tempting?  See details & Itinerary below.

Also some pics & recent news of happenings in Zimbabwe.

To end - a personal profile from a more spiritual perspective.

Enjoy & Take Care,

Mandy Young

Meerkat Magic & Wisdom of Eles

24th September 2010 – 3rd October, 2010

This 10 day / 9 night self-discovery adventure begins in Cape Town.  Breakfast is at the wine farm of the Schalk Burger family where we enjoy conversation, Meerkat wine tasting & a wine tour.  Several days are spent in the unique, characterful, earthy town of McGregor on the R62 enjoying the peaceful spiritual ambience of Temenos, an intuitive massage (optional) and self-discovery through a ‘wet painting’ session.
We then move towards the elephants in the Eastern Cape via Warmwaterberg Spa, Ronnie sex shop (just a pub), a beautiful quartz crystal labyrinth & the Manger, a baboon rehabilitation sanctuary.  When we arrive in the Eastern Cape we luxuriate at Camp Figtree in the Zuurberg mountain and visit the elephants daily.

Zimbabwe Revisited

I have not visited Zimbabwe for 4 years, the really tough years.  To return and see my friend Dave Coltert in full swing restoring the education system there and to once again visit with the lovely people of Zimbabwe was deeply retorative and encouraging.  I have to admire their dedication, integrity & passion.  From sponsored funds Dave has orchestrated the reprinting of many text books and is looking to the future to provide educational places and grants for those with great potential, but few funds,from the rural area.  One of the highschools choosen for this project is my own, Chaplin!  Sorry Guninea Fowl you did not get the nod (former teenage rivalry coming out here!) But guess what, Guninea Fowl - one of the prestitious schools in Zimbabwe that became an army training camp in the difficult years, is now restored to its highschool status with 800 students in attendance! 

Victoria Falls was, as always, magnificent and wet!  The thunder of the waterfalling cascades ascended with grandeur, rainbowed by the sun.  Hwange is more gamed up and we had the privilege of visiting the Painted Hunting Dog conservation project spearheaded by Greg Rasmussen.  A model for conservation with 5 darts: A children's bushcamp where they learn conservation, whilst hanging out in the bush, walking on swiniging bridges through the mapone bushveld and watching a real wild dog kill. Then Rehabilitation & Vetinary services for Wild Dogs caught in snares; an Anti-poaching unit, ongoing Wild Dog Tracking, Research & Release as well as Community Outreach servicing the Aged & those with HIV-AIDS.
Personal Profile from a more Spiritual Perspective

...We lived in a small row of houses with the bush opposite.  I learnt my love of nature there and a deep connection with the Bemba people, especially Rosie who looked after me a lot of the time and the old black man who tirelessly brought me home every time I ran away to explore.

Junior school was threatening, separation anxiety playing an initial role.  And then I found it difficult to find friends.  One day in an attempt to gain some attention I stole the classroom key and hid it in the chalk box.  The headmistress announced anyone who could find the key would be rewarded with a box of chocolates.  Well you know what happened next, I was soon eating some Melting Moments and had received great applause for my find!

The age of ten was my worst year...


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