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De Hoop Nature Reserve 

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19th-28th November, 2010 or at the end of February 2011 you have the amazing opportunity to not only swim with Dolphins, but to track endangered Painted Hunting Dogs and spend time with several Elephant families well known to me.  You can participate in the whole experience or if money or time is an issue, choose which animal species and part of this adventure you are most drawn to right now.  My experience has been that as I have followed my heart to connect with a specific animal species it is because they have something special they want to heal, mature or bring alive in me.

I am presently exploring an interesting opporutnity for Dolphin Research in the Cinque Terre Marine Reserve & the Tuscany islands just off Italian shores.  The aim of the research is to document whether
Intra-Species Interactions between Dolphins & Humans facilitates Healing in Humans. 
Anyone wanting to sponsor this research?

I have also included some pictures of the Cinque Terre region in Italy to whet your appetite for future dolphin swims in this area.

The Dolphins are very gentle when we are in a state of transition in our bodies or our souls and seem to use their sonor capabilities and their playful presence to enhance healing.

Take a look at all he varied Accommodation options at De Hoop Nature Reserve, and consider a visit to Stellenbosh Lodge. 
        10% discount offered if you book with Me.

To end off an articles for you to read: a moving story about a young disadvantaged boy and a baby dolphin.

Enjoy & Take Care,

Mandy Young

Wild Dogs, Eles & Dolphins
19th-28th November, 2010
25th February - 6th March, 2011
25th November - 4th December, 2011
We were watching the Wild Dog pack relax on the pathway up ahead.  Suddenly with a throaty grunt the Alpha Male lept into action, the pack followed as if tied together by some invisible umbilical chord to unravel around a tree trunk.  Trapped in the branches above was the taut, intrepid body of a young female leopard.  What a privilege to experience raw, ferocious animal antics and learn something about ourselves.

We spend long, sunny days, sunsets & sundownders with several elephant families in the Pongola Game Reserve, several characters I know very well.  There is Beuga, the Matriarch, Asterix & Charlie the first elephant calves I closely more below.
As if all those WildLife experiences have not already been amazing, we conclude with 5 days & 4 nights luxuriating on the pristine Mozambique beaches whilst enjoying daily close encounters - beyond description - with pods of sociable bottlenose dolphins in their watery underworld.  You do not have to be a good swimmer, just anticipant and at ease.
Romantic Hikes & Dolphin Swims, Cinque Terre, Italy
17th – 23rd September, 2011
Unique Corporate TeamBuilding experience
Cinque Terre, true to its name, is five fishing villages clinging to coastal hillsides, connected with wandering walkways perched above the visual depths of the tranquil Medierranean Sea.  This experience offers time to frolic with friendly Bottlenose dolphins within the protected waters of a Marine Reserve.  Their endearing interactions offer to guests feelings of self-acceptance and heartwarming delight.
Days not spent with the dolphins are spent hiking between fishing villages, experiencing Italian community, cuisine and passion.
De Hoop Nature Reserve, Western Cape
40% of the world's Southern Right Whales visit De Hoop to give birth to new calves at this time of the year.  It is beyone me that so few people flock to this wilderness space of pristine beaches and marine treasures.

Recently Cape Nature Reserve have partnered with the De Hoop & Madikwe Collection to protect this unique seaside reserve.  In terms of accommodation all your budgeting and lifestyle needs are catered for - whether you enjoy the energy of camping, want to hang out in the rondawels on the edge of the vlei with an outdoor shower and great views, or you want to spoil yourselves at other well-equipped and grasciously decorated houses.  There is also a 5 star Victorian / Farm Style house with its wide verandas, panoramic views & gracious gendre and my favorite - Koppie Aleen - 4 ample rooms, 2 bathrooms, communal diningroom, fireplace inside, braai area outside, and best of all - no-one else is around, you have the beach, sea views and whale sounds & sights all to yourselves!  


Stay at Stellenbosch Lodge
What I most like about Stellenbosh Lodge are the friendly welcomes, great versatility and it is central to so much of what Stellenbosch has to offer. You can be very comfortable here as a business person attending a conference – great facilities, a tourist needing a place from which to enjoy the Stellenbosch winelands, play golf or luxuriate in the nearby Spa. You can plan a happy wedding occasion with a warm, spring-filled ambience with the support of competent, supportive, well-trained staff.

One unique, often unmentioned aspect of this venue is the Abba Network for Drug & Alcohol addiction. The members meet once a month at a an interactive breakfast sponsored by the Proprietors of Stellenbosch Lodge. This meeting set up by the Lodge owner has been networking for over 10 years now and is the hub where struggling parents and interested helping professionals meet to find answers and support.aily we will digest & translate these unique wildlife experiences during self-reflective discussion groups into tangible take-home teambuilding life insights.

Life Insights from Nature 3: A Dolphin Encounter that gave me understandings about How to be Good Enough
On the third day of the Dancing with Dolphins experience that took place at the beginning of April, the Humpack dolphin re-appeared, and once again graced me with his presence. I met him last year, when he taught me about patience and trust, about living with love not fear, generosity and not jealousy. I knew he would come. This year, he was present with a gentle bottle-nosed dolphin mother and her new born calf. It was his protective presence that made her feel safe enough to nurture her new born calf. I am reminded that it is something as simple and as profound as the protective nurturing love of a strong father and a caring mother that makes children feel special and good enough.

I want to share with you a story that showed me that the way in which we treat those who are vulnerable - not only because they are little like the new born dolphin calf, but because they are disadvantaged in some way, physically, emotionally or financially – can make us feel ‘good enough’ about who we are! In other words how we treat people can affect how we see ourselves. When we are hurtful to someone something honorable inside us shrinks, and when we treat people with kindness, something valuable inside us swells with a feeling of well-being.

At a school for disabled children a father gave the following speech: He extolled the school and its dedicated staff for their hard work and then cried out, “…but where is the perfection in my son, Shaya? Everything God does is done with perfection, but my child cannot understand things as other children do. Where is God’s perfection in this?”

The audience was shocked by the question, pained by the father’s anguish......

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