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De Hoop Nature Reserve & the Whales
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Can you believe it almost Christmas and the end of 2010!  Holidays pending, I thought I would share with you some special EcoTour Destinations.  Many of them have been a part of the Peace-of-Eden WildLife Adventures over more than a decade.

My step-son, Hugo Robinson, has recently turned his passion into a career and offers you a Must-have, Cutting edge Marketing Resource that does all the work for you at Tourism Shows, and in any other situations where you would like potential guests to know about your unique Accommodation offers.  A Virtual Reality Tour.  The 'I Spy' Virtual Tour franchise has just arrived in South Africa, after having great success Overseas, and in Hugo's capable hands you can reap the benefits.  An example of the tour can be seen on the web page for Moneky Valley Resort (see below). The entire package is an investment of R4,800 but because you are a favoured person on my mailing list we are offering you a R400 discount.  Contact me as soon as possible if you are interested.

To end off with - something inspirational article to read and ponder on - Knowing Your Own Truth.

Enjoy & Take Care,

Mandy Young

De Hoop Nature Reserve & the Whales
De Hoop is world-renowned as one of the best whale-watching spots, especially between June & December, when 40% of the world’s Southern Right Whales give birth to their young just a mere kilometer from the beach. De Hoop Nature Reserve offers unsurpassed natural diversity of endemic fynbos, pristine marine treasures, diverse buck & bird species and several troops of well-behaved, but socially intriguing baboon troops. There are varied activities – mountain biking, the whale trail & star gazing.

Recently Cape Nature Reserve have partnered with the De Hoop & Madikwe Collection to protect this unique seaside reserve. In terms of accommodation all your budgeting and lifestyle needs are catered for - whether you enjoy the energy of camping, want to hang out in the rondawels on the edge of the vlei with an outdoor shower and great views, or you want to spoil yourselves at other well-equipped and grasciously decorated houses. There is also a 5 star Victorian / Farm Style house with its wide verandas, panoramic views & gracious gendre and my favorite - Koppie Aleen - 4 ample rooms, 2 bathrooms, communal diningroom, fireplace inside, braai area outside, and best of all - no-one else is around, you have the beach, sea views and whale sounds & sights all to yourselves!
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Stellenbosch Lodge
What I most like about Stellenbosch Lodge is its friendly welcomes, great versatility and it is central to so much of what Stellenbosch has to offer. You can be very comfortable here as a business person attending a conference – great facilities, a tourist needing a place from which to enjoy the Stellenbosch winelands, play golf or luxuriate in the nearby Spa. You can plan a happy wedding occasion with a warm, spring-filled ambience with the support of competent, supportive, well-trained staff.
One unique, often unmentioned aspect of this venue is the Abba Network for Drug & Alcohol addiction. The members meet once a month at a an interactive breakfast sponsored by the Proprietors of Stellenbosch Lodge. This meeting set up by the Lodge owner has been networking for over 10 years now and is the hub where struggling parents and interested helping professionals meet to find answers and support.. 
River Bend Lodge, great cusine & their own families of Elephants
As you enter the white gates and drive past snorting wildebeest, curious cranes and sometimes a perky mongoose towards the River Bend Lodge you keep hoping you will see the elephants in the daisies.
River Bend Lodge is gracious, takes you back to a colonial era where creativity is an art and takes time to unfold. You cannot help but begin to feel stress slide from your body and soul as you feel the sun's warmth whilst lying next to the pool with busy weaver birds building their nests, or when you wriggle down into crisp white sheets which make you feel as if you are sleeping on clouds. The cuisine is lingering as diverse delicate tastes plummet to an expanding belly. Best of all are the elephants, this exlulsive conservancy is home to the oldest herd of elephants in the Addo Elephant area. Sadly their matriarch, gentle Alice who I re-named Acceptance, passed away last year, but she is still succeeded by a strong herd of several families. The dominant bull is Hoepel (I re-named him Impi – ‘chief’). He can be a little spunky at times, but never aggressive. My delight are the twins, Dusk and Dawn. It is rare for an elephant cow to give birth to twins that survive.

I know you are longing to indulge yourself at this peaceful venue, but before you get too restful, don’t forget there are elephant sightings to see, birds to watch and if you want to really relax, several spa treatments.
Pumba - much more than the Big 5
Pumba is the place you want to go if you enjoy the ‘Wow’ factor and if you have never seen the Big 5, the Little 5 and every kind of special 5 all in one place. From the minute you arrive and have a warmhearted African greeting and a cool glass of a unique kind of lightheaded cocktail, you feel Special. 

There are two accommodation venues - the Bush Lodge and the Water Lodge. Other than the hospitality, the Game Guides value the wildlife they conserve and share extensive knowledge about their behaviour and habitat. The animals have learnt to trust their respect and as a result wildlife encounters are close up. The Bush Lodge accommodation offers privacy in the bush with glass-sided chalets enclosed by groping vines and spiralling branches, whereas the Water Lodge offers panoramic views.

Take your pick. Stay their soon. Enjoy the pictures.

Camp Figtree - amazing escarpment views & near to Addo Elephant Park
The generous beauty of Camp Figtree is nestled on the edge of magnificent monumental hills overlooking deep valleys. 

The name hales from the giant figtrees that protect the old homestead. Accommodation exudes spacious gracious living in chalets which overhang the gorge and extend outward into the expansive mind-awakening panorama. The cuisine is excellent and the staff go the extra mile with a smile. Daily game drives into Addo offer plentiful elephant sightings, and sometimes lion, buffalo, rhino, kudu, eland, red hartebeests, lots of spunky warthog families, vast bird species, bat eared foxes and even a meerkat up on guard caught our attention!

Grasslands Lodge & the Naro Bushmen of the Kalahari
It is a unique experience to fly from Maun, Botswana in a small cessna into the Kalahari shrub desert and meet the Bushmen of the Kalahari. Our hosts at Grasslands Lodge - Neeltjie, her husband and their crew know the bushmen well and facilitate an interactive communication between us and them as we enjoy different activities together. With the Bushmen clan we enjoy tracking, hunting and learn how to survive by understanding the used of plants in the area and animal behaviour. We laugh and relate as a team. We stay in comfortable cottages, all meals and even drinks are provided. 
Tonga Village Bushcamp
A unique village experience with home comforts done Tonga style. The ultimate place to relax, dream, canoe on the Pongola pan, listen to the laughs of hippos, enjoy traditional meals prepared by the Tonga people and sit around nightly campfires and spin stories.

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White Elephant Lodge & Bush Camp - Pongola Game Reserve
When I first arrived at Pongola Game Reserve (PGR), it was a dejavu experience it so reminded me of a little Kariba (Zimbabwe): the smells, savannah-woodland mix and the glistening Jozini dam which was held at bay by a large dam wall.  Impala graze and warthogs snuffle on their knees, nose-to-dirt, in the grasslands nearby, and the Lebombo mountains stand protectively behind the dam wall.  There is a sense of peace and of having arrived. 

It was here that I was privileged to begin my elephant research: the difference in mothering behaviour of elephants who had experienced normal family life before they were translocated from Kruger to PGR, and the mothering behaviour of the first ‘Orphan’ cow to give birth.  The ‘Orphan’ herd originated from a cull in  Kruger in the late 1980’s and were moved to Milimani, 40kms from PGR, as two to five year olds.  By the time I began my research they were adolescents and capable of breeding.  They walked into PGR of their own volition, following a prior visit, 15 months before their arrival from by one of the resident PGR bulls - Ingani. 

When they arrived he was there to meet them.  You can read the rest of their story in some of the articles I have written or come and see them for yourself.
Heinz and Debbie Kohrs, the owners of White Elephant Lodge and Bushcamp, were the visionaries who brought these elephants back into to this area of Kwa-Zulu Natal where they naturally roamed up until 100 years ago. Their passion for the elephants and other wildlife in the park is matched only by their creative comfortable affordable accommodation establishments and their heartfelt hospitality.
Knowing Your Own Truth

Article written for Natural Medicine magazine June 2010

Someone most of us admire for knowing and living his own truth is Nelson Mandela. Conversely it is often said of Jacob Zuma that he is too often influenced by others, such as COSATU or the ANC Youth League. We all have different opinions about Mandela and Zuma, and I am sure many people have different opinions about us. More importantly however what do you think about yourself?
Most of us have a tainted picture through which we see ourselves....

There are many paths to discovering ourselves...

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Virtual Reality Tour - Monkey Valley Resort
Monkey Valley is an undiscovered jewel on the peninsula of Cape Town.  It is en route to Cape Point and offers expansive views of pristine white Noordhoek beaches and turquoise seas.  The accommodation is nestled in forested privacy and caters for families, honeymoon couples and Corporates.  Need I say more, the Virtual Reality Tour of this venue more than speaks for itself.

My step-son, Hugo Robinson, has turned his passion - photography, into a profession and offers you a unique, must-have Marketing Tool - an I Spy Virtual Tour of your Accommodation Establishment.  Take a look at his creative work at an undiscovered gem of the Western Cape - Monkey Valley.  As a recipient on my mailing list you not only have the Cutting Edge Opportunity to make use of Hugo’s expertise and this marketing product, but if you book his services through me you can receive a R400 discount. 

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