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Why choose a WildLife Corporate adventure?

  You have an invitation to participate in one of three unique Corporate WildLife TeamBuilding experiences:

   SkillBuilding with the Ilinigwise Maasai Tribe & Wilderness Wisdom gained from abundant WildLife within the vast 'Preservation Space' of Selous Game Reserve 

   Surviving with the Naro Bushmen, visiting one of the 7 wonders of the world - Victoria Falls & then tracking Painted Hunting Dogs whilst staying at an exclusive camp in the heart of Hwange National Park.

   Tracking Wild Dogs whilst staying at award-winning Thande Game Reserve, visiting with Elephant families well known to Mandy and then as if all that is not enough - swimming with wild, free-spirited playfrul dolphins in the warm waters of Mozambique.

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Mandy Young
Passions & Principles behind Corporate WildLife Team Building Adventures
The human species has had some 3 million years of survival programming in how to interact constructively with nature…love and connectedness with the natural world is rooted in our genes - as much a part of our history as love and bonding and having children.  We know at a deep body-mind level, however dimly, that if we continue to reject this programming and do not establish a respectful interaction with nature, we will lose not only a vital dimension of our humanness, but eventually our planet home as a self-renewing, life-nurturing organism. (Edward O. Wilson, The Diversity of Life.1992)
Historically we have moved further away from a Connected & Emotionally Inteligent way of Adapting to Ourselves, Others & our World.  Self-Reflection time in a Wilderness Place with Tribal People and wild Animals invites us back into an Ancient Interconnected way of Knowing and Surviving.  Self-Confidence & Intuitive thinking leads to Cutting Edge Corporate Structuring based on Personal Involvement, Participation & Productivity based on truer Values.

Maasai Skill Building & Beho Beho WildLife Wilderness

This experience begins with Skill Building together with the Maasai of the Ilngwesi clan, northern Kenya:weapons training, animal tracking, making medicines from local plants for healing & learning how to survive in the bush through making fire, constructing shelters & finding water.  
Thereafter we travel to Beho Beho, one of the largest areas of game ‘preservations’ in Africa- 55,000sq kms. It is possible to stay here for days without seeing any other human beings – just wild, wild nature in all her splendour. Guests stay in a ‘bandas’ - local stone construction, thatched in palm leaves, but with one wall totally open to the bush.ctoria Falls was, as always, magnificent and wet! 

 Itinerary & Costs

Bushmen Coaching, Victoria Falls & Painted Hunting Dog Tracking
A flight from Maun, the gateway to the Okovonga Delta
on a small light aircraft takes us to Grasslands Lodge
where we stay close to the Hunting place of the Naro
Bushmen. Beyond expectations they are authentic
animal skin clad group of small muscular people with
ample bottoms who live and survive off the desert land.
We spend 5 days with them then fly for a night
to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Victoria Falls.
We stay at the famous Victoria Falls Hotel and then
move on to 4 days of Painted Hunting Dog tracking
whilst staying at the exclusive Somalisa Bush Camp in
the heart of Hwange Game Reserve.

Wild Dog Tracking, Elephant families & Swimming with Intuitive, playful Dolphins.

This experience begins at the world-renowned, award-winning
Thanda Game Reserve where we track a pack
of Wild Dogs. We then travel to several families of
Elephants, well-known to Mandy, who reside at
Pongola Game Reserve.

After spending 4 days in their presence
staying at Mvubu Lodge on the edge of the Pongola
River gorge, we travel across the Cozi Bay border into
Mozambique where we will spend 5 tranquil, but
exciting days swimming with Dolphins. Here we stay
in a pristine luxury tented camp on the edge of the sea shore.
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